Investing in the guest experience

Travel for many people means discovery, experience, excitement, … People decide on what they want to do and choose a destination based on that. Only after the choice of the destination, comes the choice of the accommodation, not the other way around. So your guests stay with you because they need a place to stay, because you offered a place that meets their needs when it comes to location, price and design. Nothing more. So how do you get guests to seek out your brand next time they travel and recommend it to others? Investing in the Guest Experience is key to building brand recognition and customer loyalty.

We believe surprising your guests with an original, good quality welcome gift is part of this investment. We found some great examples we want to share with you:

  • Handcrafted cocktails, personalised snack tray and welcome note at the Goodland hotel.
  • Assorted items from Greece’s top brands in food and beauty, a welcome gift at the Hotel Grand Bretagne
  • They don’t forget the little ones at the hotel De Crillon in Paris.
    Hotel de CrillonPh: Concorde Hotels Resorts
  • DIY welcome cocktail at the Mandarin Oriental.

Now we know for a hotel it is much easier and cost effective to put something like this in place, since they have all the logistics. For a rental company or a property manager it is not that easy to put in place. That is why we at InCityBox have created solutions that will fit into everybody’s budget and logistical means.

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