Tips for choosing corporate gifts

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When looking for corporate gifts for your customers, participants in your business event, virtual meeting, incentive group or employees, there are numerous considerations when choosing corporate gifts.

Choose a corporate gift that you would be happy to receive. If you feel the gift is just another cheesy promotional tool, chances are the recipients will feel the same. Choose something you like. Choose only products that you would love to receive!

  1. Choose quality. Whether it is a gadget or a gourmet food basket, choose quality over quantity as the recipient will associate your company with this gift.
  2. Be original, but without overdoing it. You can miss the mark just as much by giving “yet another pen” as well as by gifting something that doesn’t suit the recipient’s profile at all. Why not consider more traditional or conventional items, in a classy, up-to-date version or with a modern twist?
  3. If you put your company name or logo on the gift, be subtle so people will use the gift. Consider putting your brand only on the packaging, not on the product itself.
  4. If the recipient is from abroad, keep in mind some items could be culturally sensitive or prohibited to take back to their country. Investigate.
  5. For incentive groups or participants in events, think about gifts they can take back home and share with their friends and family. In this case locally sourced gourmet products are a must so they can share what they have experienced on their trip.
  6. Work with an expert when choosing corporate gifts. At InCityBox we can advise you on the best gift for your event, and we can personalize the gift, the packaging and the communication you wish to include.

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