InCity Snack Pack

Don’t miss a single moment of Barcelona magic – get our InCity Snack Pack and start exploring straight away. You’ll find food and drinks to fuel your adventure plus essential kit to discover the city’s secrets. Grab your included InCity tote bag, throw in your guidebook, goodies and water bottle, and you’re ready to go.

50 EUR

What you get:


  • 1
    Casa Gispert Salted Mixed Nuts (100g) Cashews, Marcona almonds and peanuts from one of Barcelona’s oldest gourmet stores. Casa Gispert has roasted nuts in the same oven since 1851.
  • 2
    Cudié Catànies (35gr) Handmade sweets, made to a secret recipe by the Cudié family. A Marcona almond heart surrounded by exquisite white praline and a dusting of pure cocoa powder.
  • 3
    Paul and Pippa Lady Carrot Cake Biscuits (125g) Healthy, homemade and 100% natural organic biscuits. Lightly spiced and deeply delicious.
  • 4
    Enric Rovira Xoco Collection Chocolate bar (40gr) The creations of world-famous Barcelona chocolatier Enric Rovira are inspired by the artists and architecture of the city.
  • 5
    Squeasy Water Bottle Safe, fun and easy to refill at the city’s water fountains. Keep hydrated while you’re on the move.
  • 6
    InCity Tote Bag  A heavyweight cotton bag that’s perfect for city strolls and beach visits.
  • 7

    InCity Memories Box 
    A high-quality storage box to keep as a souvenir

  • 8
    Dear Barcelona Guidebook  36 pages of insider city tips from locals and a map to help you find Barcelona’s hidden treasures.

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