I was trolling through the beautiful El Born neighbourhood when a big sign saying IMPOSSIBLE drew my attention. I entered the shop and was wowed by what I saw: Instant photography cameras of all times, sizes, colors and forms.

Old-school Polaroid camera's

On the other side of the shop more beautiful things got me excited: stationary, textiles, English children’s books, bags,…


Turns out these are 2 stores in one:

IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT, which specializes in instant photography and everything that has got to do with it, and CHANDAL, a deco-design-stationary-bookstore-shop that used to be located in the Raval neighbourhood.

This shop is really something! As a 30+ something mother, I was brought me back to my childhood with items such as the classic Polaroid cameras and Fisher Price toys in the kids section. But as a lover of all things beautiful, I enjoyed the stationary of Papier Tigre and Write and Sketch &, Hay textiles and bags, Matagalan pots, and Apres-Ski jewelry.

The kids section also made my heart melt: The cutest outfits, educational wooden toys, books in English and Spanish. You just want to buy it all!

And if you are into instant photography, in this shop you can find some unique cameras, accessories and film. And if you want to have a go at instant photography, you can rent the camera’s too. Some of them you can just borrow for free, as long as you buy some film!

Tantarantana 16 and d’Allada Vermell 13, the shop connects both streets, in the Born neighbourhood, Barcelona. and