My experience with Barcelona Architecture Walks

It is not easy to choose from all the tours and activities on offer in a tourist destination like Barcelona. Last week I was lucky enough to participate in the “Barcelona and Gaudi” walk of a company called Barcelona Architecture Walks.


I was the last one to arrive at the meeting point. Miguel Angel, the guide, and 5 other people were waiting for me. I like that it was just a small group. After a short introduction we started walking.

Miguel Angel is one of the founders of Barcelona Architecture Walks, and as all the guides, a real practicing architect. I am not going to tell you everything he explained to us, but it was interesting! He gave me answers to questions like “how did Barcelona grow urbanistically?”, “who paid for all these masterpiece buildings?”, and “what was Gaudi thinking?”.

While we walked from one site to another, we could chat about what we would see along the way, ask questions and discuss opinions. This is where you could tell Miguel Angel knows architecture and is very passionate about it! He talks with ease and is very knowledgeable about any topic remotely related to architecture.

Unlike what I expected, very rarely the participants are architects, yet people like you and me interested in getting to know the city from a different point of view. I left hungry for more and understood a bit more something Miguel Angel had said before: “Architecture is the expression of the culture of each time and age.”

You can book this and other walks directly on the website